The organization Friends of New Germany existed into the mid-1930s with a membership of between 5,000-10,000, consisting mostly of German citizens living in America and German emigrants who only recently had become citizens.[1] In December 1935, Rudolf Hess recalled the group’s leaders to Germany and ordered all German citizens to leave the Friends of New Germany.[1] By March 1936, Friends of New Germany was dissolved and its membership transferred to a newly formed German American Bund, the new name being chosen to emphasise the group’s American credentials after press criticism that the organisation was unpatriotic.[6] The Bund was to consist only of American citizens of German descent. (Wiki)
On Feb. 20, 1939, 22,000 members of the German American Bund, a pro-Nazi group, took over the venue that stars still consider a peak achievement if you can fill it up. That night, it was a full house for Bund leader Fritz Kuhn, who had become a household name as the “American Hitler. ”

Vor 80 Jahren: Nazis predigen Rassismus in New York