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is a micro-dimension which is accepted in physics and mathematics. It’s here to have a nice and seamless tie between gravity and electromagnetism, or the main fundamental forces, which seem unrelated in the regular four-dimensional spacetime. This is the dimension I experienced in early 1971 when I understood that my typewriter was not enough to stomach my visions. So I attempted to express them by hand using crayons, pens, acrylics, brushes, rollers or palette knifes on paper, watercolour paper, canvas or wood. The results of these attempts between 1971 and 1980 are partially documented and included into part one of my virtual catalogue. 




Social networking on the road with Jack Kerouac fortyforty years after 1968



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No one here but me

Two stories. One about a guy on the countryside at the end of a love affair he had with Roxanne. The other one about two guys on a motorbike towards revolution sending out an SOS to the world. Strange name for a band: „The Police“ ?


While we prepare for the time after Corona, South Africa is facing the worst case since the AIDS crisis revaged the country from 2003 onwards, later followed by xenophobic riots .


Since ten years I get copyright notices fom Yotube for every second upload to my channel on Yotube. I uploaded more than 560 videos produced by myself but every single one contains music from different sources. In many cases the sound of a video was muted because it contained only a few minutes with music from The Beatles, Bob Dylan or Hans Albers a.s.o. But Youtube even blocked music from Bach, Beethoven or myself. Most times these clips were only muted in Germany. Since GEMA of Germany and Youtube settled their year long battle over the amount of loyalties to be payed by Youtube I regarded the copyright question as solved.


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I filmed one of my first 8mm video’s with a Nalcom camera


I tested the Nacolm travelling from Belgium via London to Paris, Madrid and Andalucia summer 1974 using Kodak plenty of 3 minute 30 seconds cartriges. 25 years later I projected the 8mm films and recorded it using a Sony Handycam Video8 which I ten years later converted to mpeg2. So don’t expect HD!


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