Social media

How I became a Youtuber

When I started my YouTube Channel as a video reporter spring 2010 in Barrydale, South Africa, I did not expect getting big numbers of viewing my videos longer than thirty seconds. 2013, three years later 65.000 viewers from over 150 countries have seen at least one of meanwhile 260 homemade videos. They spent 56.000 Minutes starring at my videos. Funny idea, but never have seen a Dollar and published what ever I wanted. Youtube is for free. No handling or software fees but free data storage and security. But – when I violated the Community Guidelines, I was punished. Once they even redflagged me like in school times: They blocked acess to MY channel for ONE month! Do it again and you’re fired! They still are downgrading some of my videos as only for adults, despite they were uploaded and accepted years ago.

Numbers from July 2013

Welcome to my facebook shack

Facebook and Youtube sleep in the same bed without having sex?

Ten Years on Facebook

I begun communicating using facebook in Barrydale 2010. I started to connect with the youngsters of my family in different places in Germany and found some fellows from old times on facebook. The internet connection in Barrydale via DSL was still shaky but sufficent. Hence I used facebook ardently because I could even connect with friends in faraway places like Moskau, Manila, Medellin, London or Ibiza. Ten Years after in 2020 I got a Birthday card from facebook.

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