Südafrika 1992-2015




It happened August 2012. Nelson Mandela was frail and after being hospitalised a year before with a respiratory infection, he was unable to influence politics at all. So nobody intervened when a workers strike at the Lonmin mine at Marikana went out of control and the South African police was called in  with deadly consequences. The former union leader – Cyril Ramaphosa, from his position on the board of Lonmin, could have argued for negotiation, even for a better deal for the workers. Instead – as a chain of emails released to the Farlam inquiry disclosed – he argued for the police to move in. In a message to fellow directors, he wrote: „The terrible events that have unfolded cannot be described as a labour dispute. They are plainly dastardly criminal and must be characterised as such… There needs to be concomitant action to address this situation.“



Südafrika nach dem Ende der Apartheid


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Gefangen im Übergang 2








Der alltägliche Horror




Rüstung statt Entwicklung? Sicherheitspolitik, Militärausgaben und Rüstungskontrolle in der Dritten Welt. In Zusammenarbeit mit Burkhardt J. Huck und Winrich Kühne. Internationale Politik und Sicherheit Band 45. Büttner, Veronika und Joachim Krause (Hrsg.)

ISBN 10: 378903942X / ISBN 13: 9783789039423