Burkhardt Huck


Once upon a time I tried hard to understand the difference between life and death not in the way Hamlet rose his question but searching a pragmatical solution to explain the end of dreaming and the limits of ecstacy. Michael Polanyi helped me for a short while with his discovery of “focal awarness” as the final state mind can target: “All knowing is personal…but it’s tacit knowledge”.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit


The Air-Conditioned Nightmare is a memoir written by Henry Miller, first published in 1945, about his year-long road trip across the United States in 1939, following his return from nearly a decade living in Paris.

Ganz ohne Herbert Wehner.

Wer damals mit Politik zu tun hatte, hat Wehner’s bösen Kalauer über seinen Namen nicht vergessen. Inzwischen sind wir beide sehr viel älter geworden und haben gelernt unseren Verarschern zu verzeihen. Zum Beispiel habe ich kein Problem mehr mich vorzustellen: “My name is Fuck but with an H. Nice meeting you!” JT geht dahin, wo unsere Sesselfurzer es nicht hinschaffen: An den Tatort! Chapeau!