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Frans Epping – Werkschau – Kunstzentrum Coldam
nahe Leer, Ostfriesland April bis Mai 2022



Sculptress Beate Schuberts last work: TRUMP


Beate Schubert – der Katalog

Das Vorwort und einige Seiten aus dem Katalog in Deutsch und Englisch gibt es hier:



13230_Mimesis Katalog



One of the great sculptors of our time: Jason deCaires Taylor 


is a British sculptor, fully qualified scuba instructor  and creator of the world’s first underwater sculpture park in Grenada 2003 and of the world’s first underwater museum located off the coast of Cancún and the western coast of Isla Mujeres in Mexico 2009. It holds more than 485 of Taylor’s submerged sculptures and 30 land-based pieces. Till 2017 he opened several more installions around the globe. Works completed in 2014 include Ocean Atlas, located in the Bahamas, the largest single underwater sculpture in the world at 5 metres tall and weighing 60 tons.




One of the great photographers of our time: Eugenio Recuenco

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Emil Nolde’s Relationship With the Nazis Examined



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Hans van Hoek, painter and wood carver


In 2003 when Beate and I settled in Barrydale Hans lived since a decade only few houses away from our house in Keerom Street in Laingstreet in one of the few buildings in the village with a first flor. His atelier was hundred meter long one storey building next to the main house, overlooking the  Barrydale Hotel and  viewing the wineyards and Berg valley. The two artists, my wife Beate and Hans soon became friends and so did I.