„Bisher haben die Europäer ihre Verteidigungsetats vor allem für zwei Dinge ausgegeben: Personal und sehr komplexe, teure Waffensysteme wie Kriegsschiffe oder moderne Kampfflugzeuge. Die Digitalisierung der Verteidigung macht es jetzt möglich, beide Paradigmen zu ändern.“



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A five-dimensional space is a space with five dimensions. If interpreted physically, that is one more than the usual three spatial dimensions and the fourth dimension of time used in relativistic physics. It is an abstraction which occurs frequently in mathematics, where it is a legitimate construct.

It’s not only the economy that’s stupid: Ostfriesland awaits an easing of Covit-19 restrictions not only regarding the small number of infections but even to safeguard regional tourism within her territory as well as the social relations and habits of her population.