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I produced this video March 2014 in South Africa, when Russia occupied the Crimean peninsula. I did not understand the song when I heard it first time autumn 1992 in Moscow without understanding Russian language. I was impressed of the power of Talkovs voice and only able to understand few words like война ‚vojna‘ or war and видеть во сне ‚dreaming the future‘. After the news came in on e-tv, I tried to escape the upcoming nightmare by making this video in an African country plagued since centuries by white supremacy and after thousands of victims liberated itself in 1994.

Igor Vladimirovich Talkov (Russian: И́горь Влади́мирович Талько́в; 4 November 1956 – 6 October 1991), was a Soviet Russian rock singer-songwriter and film actor. Talkov was never popular with the Soviet government; even as a performer renowned and loved throughout the whole Soviet Union, he lived in a small two-room apartment with his wife and son, composing his lyrics and music „on top of the washing machine in the bathroom“, according to the rumours. He was not satisfied with Perestroika, claiming it to be nothing but the same regime under a different guise. In his post-Perestroika songs, he openly mocked the changes, calling them a ruse. Talkov was an avid reader of pre-revolutionary Russian history, which served as the inspiration for many of his songs. He even guaranteed at his last concert that he was willing to „back up“ his lyrics with historical facts.