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Putin’s Russia has pursued are not different from historical Russian, Soviet, and Imperial Russian foreign policy goals.

Ich arbeite zur Zeit an einer Reportage meiner Erinnerungen an Kindheit und Jugend von 1947 bis 1963 am Hohenpeißenberg im oberbayerischen Alpenvorland. Nach 260 Seiten bin ich nun im Jahr 1960 angelangt.
Damals kam ich im Sommer 1960 zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben nach München.


Dr. Angela Merkel wurde heute mit einem Großen Zapfenstreich verabschiedet.
Ihre Vorgänger hießen:
Gerhard Schröder 1998-2005
Dr. Helmuth Kohl 1983-1998

Post Covid comedy at it’s best: Stephen Colbert & Trevor Noah about the differences between being on stage and exposed to the reactions of an auditory before the Lockdown in New York March 17, 2020, and producing the Late Night Show respectively Daily Show at their „home office-studio“ like any Youtuber till September 2021. Meanwhile Trevor Noah decided against a revival of his preCovid format. Stephan Colbert will stay on stage in New York, while Noah came to his own conclusions about the future of live stand-up shows with a live auditory. Stephen Colbert is a Catholic. Imagine the Pope without a balcony.

seitdem versucht Ödipus Donald Trump den Verlust zu kompensieren, obwohl er inzwischen blind ist.

The Dreadnought class is the future replacement for the Vanguard class of ballistic missile submarines. Like their predecessors they will carry Trident II D-5 missiles. Four nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine are planned, two building. First expected 2030. Displacement 17.000 tons, length 163 m. Boarding 8 to12 SBLM’s = submarine-launched ballistic missiles with an operational range of 12.000 km. Mass: 60 tons. Each missile is capable to carry up to 14 warheads called multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles. But In practice, each missile on average carries four warheads due to the warhead limitations placed by the New START treaty.

„Wer Europa außenpolitisch verstärkt in die Pflicht nehmen will, sollte sich von der Idee verabschieden, dass Rüstung ein Gradmesser von Glaubwürdigkeit oder das Militär ein geeignetes Mittel im Umgang mit politischen Umbrüchen ist.“

Do you remember when the „Pentagon Papers“, uncovering United States-Vietnam Relations from 1945 till 1967, were published by The New York Times and the Washington Post in 1971 while President Nixon was busy to end the mess the intervention of the USA caused in the former French colony of Indochina?